Thursday, 26 April 2012

Industrial Wastelands (1)

Something about the walk from North Greenwich to Greenwich Odeon is really beautiful in an ugly, industrial way. If I was the artistic director of a photo-shoot I think that the barren open spaces and the steel towers would be a cool place to do it.

There is some pretty greenery on the other side of the station. I'll probably upload pics of there too at some point.

In the meantime. Here are the best bits. I took the pictures to store as stimuli for when I write. I hope you like them- or hate them. I just hope you react to them in some way other than 'So?'

This is not my pathetic attempt at achieving hipster-dom. I just think it's pretty!

And for some reason this one is my favourite!

That is all I really wanted to show you! If your ever around North Greenwich make sure you walk the other way. It's much nicer. There are trees and a lovely pub called 'The Pilot Inn'.

Seriously it's beautiful. See!

Brilliant in the summer because of it's lovely garden!

When the weather improves I'm gonna check it out!

Until next time!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A New Look?

I was browsing through the web, and ended up watching one of 2ne1's videos- one called 'I am the best'. It was fairly recent, 2011, and quickly became a firm favourite of mine. The lyrics are kind of narcissistic if you look at it from a negative perspective- but it's a great strutting song if your feeling confident. I was feeling confident when I put together this look which is partially inspired by what's worn in the video. It was more thrown then put with no make up or hair effort. I just thought it was kinda cool.

Most of the items are from new look, the skirt was damaged and on sale so I had to sow the waistband. I don't think I can sow it back. The ring is from the concessions brand of New Look jewellery and I bought it a couple of months back so I don't know whether or not this is still available.

            The spikes are available in both gold and silver. The necklace is actually for jeans but I like how chunky it is so I stuck it around my neck instead!
The jacket was a hand-me-down from my wonderful Auntie Clare. I love the shoes, I snagged them for a tenner at New Look to- I love you discount~!

The second look was random- I fell in and out of my wardrobe and think I got lucky. What do you think?

I wanted something cute with pastels that looked a little nautical because I'm still not over my sailor phase. I'll get a few more years out of those shorts- I'm determined! For a semi-accident, I think I did rather well here. And I'm definitely using my afro to it's full potential this spring/summer!

Bring on the sun, the rain, the joy and the pain!

That was so lame...

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Bloody Crumpet

I really tried to get the mouth right for Captain Maggots but it always ended up wonky or just plain wrong. So I just got frustrated and scrawled clumsily all over my face!

Look at the mess I can make of my face if I really try!

And a more flamboyant attempt at something outlandish.

I will definitely attempt this again. Accept next time it will be a success. I'm (kinda) sure of it!
Until next time!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Emilie Autumn: Fight Like A Girl

Friday 13th went by and I didn't even realise. I've never been much for that superstition, more of a magpie's girl myself but it just so happens that every time Friday 13th comes by I have a pretty good day. This time round was no exception.

My best friends and I went to see Emilie Autumn at the Electric Ballroom.

I've never really heard her music before so I only had a very vague idea about what to expect. I have to say I was blown away by the results.
It was like entering another world. Walk through the wardrobe and into a post apocalyptic Narnia, where the Queen is still in charge but she's serving tea, crumpets, booze and glitter. A steam punk wonderland. And they had tea! I freaking love tea!

The first person who came on stage was a wonderfully odd looking pirate who I later learned was called Captain Maggots. She is one of three of Emilie's band/gang/army called 'The Bloody Crumpet's'. 

Captain Maggots is my favourite! She has a great affection for 'slicing and dicing and warm pastries.' I feel in love with her on sight. I love pirates and pastry. 

The other crumpets were just as awesome. Naughty Veronica is an extremely sexual young woman, who pulls up innocent girls and corrupts them with her mysteriously titled 'Rat Game'. Her fan dancing was visually intoxicating- honestly she made me glad to be a woman!

The Blessed Contessa got the crowd moving with her 'fingers and toes' chant. But she loves the feeling of 'crunching a bone betwixt (her) teeth', so I couldn't guarantee I'd stay alive in her presence for very long. I have to say she was the most expressive facially when she dance and looked convincingly menacing while being beautiful. I reckon she would bite you if given half the chance- elegantly of course.

Emilie's songs were haunting, dark and at times humorous. There was something enchanting about the whole night. The atmosphere created by both performance and audience is one I shall never forget. I haven't been able to get Emilie Autumn out of my head since. Even going back to work felt mundane after that.

It would be dramatic to say that this has changed my life. It has inspired me to write, draw and compose. I will post my drawings up when I'm done. I think that when I have an iPod that works again, there will be a sizable chunk that will be taken up by Emilie Autumns music.

I have a voracious hunger to know more of her music, to read the 'Asylum' book she wrote and to write darker material with as sharp a wit as she uses in her lyrics.

Emilie Autumn is a lyrical and musical genius. The Bloody Crumpets are each talented in their own right and as a collective are one of the greatest live acts I have ever had the privilege of seeing. Unknowingly I walked into a bucket list moment and at the nearest opportunity will sign myself into the 'Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls' without hesitation.

Thank you Erika and Sarah for sharing your wonderland with me. I have been corrupted- I'm a muffin in training.

Remember everyone- Fight Like a Girl!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

National Gallery!!

I go for long periods of time without absorbing anything culturally enriching. I just finished a season of Geordie Shore, only to start the new season of Jersey Shore. I need to feed my brain something good instead of all this junk television that tastes so badly good.

I can't lie that I was inspired to go to a gallery by my blogging friends Emi and David who went to see a Yayoi Kusama exhibition at the Tate Modern. One of them was intrigued and the other repusled and their polarized opinions made me want to try viewing art for myself. I was craving something a little bit more classic so I went for the good old National Gallery with my friend Felicity 'Flick' who is certifiably insane and lots of fun.

While I was there I didn't want to get told of for taking pictures (lol Emi) so I wrote down the name of  few paintings I liked. I'll list them below and attempt to tell you exactly why.

Dona Isabel de Parvel- Francisco de Geyo

It's very dark and moody looking. Her smile is suggestive of a seductive elegance. I like the idea of using pictures  as stimuli for writing prose or poetry. I think this would make a good story.

Venice: The Basin of San Marco on Ascencion Day- Canaletto

I love any scene with water, especially when the artist pays special attentions to the way the light plays off the water. It was such a vibrant scene that I wanted to be part of it.

The Coronation of the Virgin- Johann Rottenhammer

This painting is mesmerising. I love the shadow of the clouds and the faces of the saints and the souls in the background, each painted with exquisite detail. All together the painting gives off of a breathtaking ethereal light.

The Holy Family and St John the Baptist- Jacob Jordeans

I remember it from when I went to the National Gallery last summer. It's a really unique representation of the Virgin Mary. She actually looks her age. She looks fragile and innocent. My eye is drawn to her immediately. The rich colour and the lustre in the folds of the fabric is stunning too. This is one of my favourite paintings ever.

Flick being Flick, we couldn't go to an anything without visiting a coffee shop. We also did a tourist stint around Trafalgar Square.

From here on in it's a bit less cultured. Those of an artistic disposition look away now!

Look everyone, Nelson's Column- Huzzah!

Here she is looking modelesque- I am aware that isn't a word. And I'm sure you are aware I care little for the triviality of failing to speak ones first and only language.

And here I am! Attempting to look poised or something. I don't know.

I would definitely encourage you to give the National a bit of time. You only need an hour or so and the National Portrait Gallery is just down the road. Didn't get a chance to to it but will definitely go for it when I have the opportunity.

Bye for now!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Porridge and Green Mush!

In keeping with the food them, here are more goodies I have tried during the last couple of days. My lovely friend Emi was nice enough to sell me a big sachet of Japanese Macha Green Tea for a very reasonable price. I have to say it perks you up quicker than most coffee and is supposedly good for your skin.

So I had the drink sorted but as part of a nutritious breakfast what could I eat?


Nutritious Benefits

-Healing Skin
-Fights Heart Disease
-Beats depression- Vitamin B6 bumps up brain serotonin
-Boosts Energy

But just plain porridge with salt can be boring and I didn’t want to add sugar so I decided to make it more interesting with sunflower seeds...

Nutritional Benefits

-Bone Health- Contains lots of Magnesium
-Anti Inflammatory- Big source of Vitamin E
-Lowers Blood Pressure

See for yourself!

...And raisins

Health Benefits
-Lots of Iron
-Boosting Libido
-Good teeth
-Healthy blood

Manly sex power is not a joke by any means. Look!

Here are bad pictures of my awesome porridge! It is really delicious although I've hardly had the chance to munch because work has been really crazy of late.

My sleep patterns slowly improving and I'm using a face mask called 'LOVE LETTUCE' made by 'LUSH' which is essentially green mushy stuff, see!

And just to prove that I don't look like that all the time. I tried a vintage look with red lipstick and air hostessy accessories. Please see below!

Well Goodbye! 

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Olives and Omega Three!

I'm trying my best to change the worst elements of my horrific lifestyle. Well it's not that bad. I don't chain smoke and inhale cheeseburgers, nor to I snort cocaine, chug gin and watch Jeremy Kyle. Things could be worse. That's not good enough though. I want things to be better. So I've started experimenting with my food and the way I treat my body. On the way I discovered 3 great things.

1. Olives

I used to hate olives. But I was desperate for a filler to add to a salad and I thought I'd try something a little different. Olives are full of fat. In fact the internet tells me that up to 85% of the calories found in olives are fat.

Health Benefits

On the bright side though they lower blood pressure and they are packed full of antioxidents, they help prevent cancer (the internet told me) and they also taste really good with poultry!

(If you don't believe me there it is!)

2. Wakame

My good friend Emi introduced me to this. Wakame is seaweed. The type I have at the moment it the dried version which can be found in most East Asian Supermarkets, all the ones I have been to anyway. All you have to do is soak however much you want in water for about 5-7 minutes and add it to your meal. It has a delicious sweet flavour. I've started putting it on my salads especially when using Salmon or Tuna.

Health Benefits

Wakame contains vitamin E, vitamin K, Iron and Calcium. It's good for your skin, bones, helps your blood to clot and also is really low in calories. It can help flavour food, so richer ingredients aren't needed. I think that was wikipedia talking. On the downside there is a lot of salt in it.

3. Jalapenos

Or if you prefer on a 'steek'.

I can't get that n. It really bothers me.

I'm training myself to handle spicy food. This is kind of helping me and they taste good on cheese and toast, in sandwiches or on salad!

Health Benefits

This is surprising. I was just going to say they're spice-tastic but actually they are good for much more.
They help to clear a blocked nose, stop a migraine, prevent cancer, help with weight loss and stop you looking like a wimp when you order nachos.

Check it out!

Hey I made stuff!
Fried scallops and japanese rice with sweet chilli sauce.

Scallop and olive salad

Wakame chicken salad with olives, kos lettuce and sesame oil. Grilled bread with sesame oil.

I hope I can make more interesting things soon. I'm not the biggest fan of scallops so next time I'll use king prawns or squid!